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When life is changing...

We all love our kids more than anything else in this world - but it's as well very challenging to keep on doing things we love and especially when they are still very little. So with kids watertime gets rare for mamis, but as it is our soulfood it is important, so there should be a way to integrate our lovely babys into our watersports life  - or the other way round :).

Wouldn't it be great if you can just enjoy your kiting and yoga as well together with your partner if you like to, meanwhile your baby is taken care of...?

Here we go, our Kite&Karma Mami Trip is in progress:

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Denmark, Ringköbingfjord

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Barcelona, Mediteanean Sea, Sunny, stunning, beautifull Catalunya...what else would you need for a perfect nice Kite-SUP-Yoga-Ayurveda Trip?

There's so much to experience in and around Barcelona! Come and join us for our Ocean Flow Trip, experiencing SUP, Yoga, SUP Yoga - chillout&recharching time and wonderfull healthy ayurvedic Food! The inspiring City of Barcelona only a few minutes away and as well the long sandy beaches of Castelldefels for Kitesurfing only a Minute a way!

Sitges, south of Barcelona is offering many different conditions for SUP - just great to Yoga on the Board, take your first Trip or even your first wave!


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Great Memories - Kite&Karma Trip Tarifa 2015

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